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 BREAKING NEWS!..........

 Respectful Rod, Handsome Chris and Napalm Naz 

join in the fun at NB.

Handsome Chris, the latest member of the NB team stated shortly after finalising the deal; "I was duped. I was told that this was an investment bond in a lingerie factory based in Southern Amsterdam."

Rod was later mis-quoted as saying....., I dont even know if this place really exists? I am usure of my role, What the plans are, Who is this Naz Chap, and have Scotland got any chance of qualifying for the World Cup?

Naz, Our new Super Brewer, is from North Korea. He was a high ranking official in the Government there and recently escaped the country. He then got several tatoo's, a hair transplant and some facial surgery to hide his former identity. So dont tell anyone..... 

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