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All of the latest news and updates from those wierdo's at Noisy Budgie can be found here!

 This includes nasty rumors, truth's, lies and propoganda!  

1. Malaga Beer Fest! The NB Boys visited the Malaga Beer Fest, drank lots of beer, got pissed, made some new friends, had lunch and went home!

2. Brian dyes hair blonde! Brian is of the belief that people with blonde hair make better brewers. However the rest of the NB team believe that he is just a big perfumed ponce!

3. Jhone's car breaks down. On a recent visit to our newest brewery buddies, Jhone's car broke down! But the good news is that we already had the samples in the boot of the car, and we got a ride home - result!   

4. Shiny, shiny, shiny! Do we cut the green wire or do we cut the red wire?   

5. David spills everything!! At a recent dinner at Super Dave's dwelling during the cheese course, Dave managed to knock over a bottle of rather nice wine. In his obvious panic and his super-fast Dave style reaction to the horror of the decanting vino, he managed to knock over a very palatable cerveza artesanal. Shit shit shit! But Super Dave was not finished with his demolition work for the evening - oh no! After the medley had calmed and the spilt beverages mourned, the tidy up began. No sooner had this task started when Super Dave dropped a very beautiful craft beer glass purchased in and brought from Scotland. Plonker! 

Confused? You will be...  

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