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Here for the first time..

Our Favourite tash and mullet collection!

For your viewing delight, is the Noisy Budgie Tash and Mullet photo collection. 

Please Enjoy Resposibly!


Starter for ten. This must be glued on! He looks about 13! He must have spent all of his pocket money on tash wax!

Ha ha, I think it would look better if it was permed at the back! Seriously good mullet! I'm sure that he grew up and joind Blink 182 or someone like that?

OMG, serious!! I bet this chap was a bundle of happy fun! You can just tell by looking at this fella, that he was an animal in the bedroom! Bet his wife had a tash as well!

YES! Yes yes yes! We love this guy! Obviously this chap was a serious party animal! He has it all! The Mullet and the Tash!! Party on dude!

This one time tennis hero knew a thing or two about fashion. Here he is not only sporting a magical mullet, but completing the look with a pink neon headband! 

Where is he now?

This chap has a lot going for him! Not only a fabulous tash, but also to complete the look, he dons the hair with the centre parting! Super!

For the sake of charity and good will, we will be holding a monthly Tash and/or Mullet competition! 


The competition rules are simple, you send us a photo of your unfortunate friend/victim's mullet and/or tash, and we, the Noisy Budgie boys, will vote for the best (funniest) tash and/or mullet.


The winner can choose from a free case of NB beer, a pork pie, a Hello Kitty Concealable Taser Gun, or a perm at our local beauty parlor.

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