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If you see these guys out and about, please report their whereabouts to us as soon as you can!

They are little bastards and keep buggering off, causing trouble and eventually getting lost. 

You will hear them before you see them! If you do have the good fortune to see them, or one or two or however many you see, they are easily distinguishable from each other.


There are 5 of these little hooligans. Norris, Oscar, Ingird, Stuart, and Yuri. 


Norris is the youngest of the bunch, red in colour. Everything is skateboards, vans and shades. Injured - constantly. Broken bones - all the time. Fearless - YIP! 


Oscar is normally a very mellow and calm budgie. He is purple, a little bit fat normally a bit sleeeeeepy. But after a few, he will do or attempt anything! So gererally becomes a bit mad, especially if he is getting egged on by his mates and fortified by several ales! 


Ingrid the only girl in the horde! Arty type. Ingrid is the blue Noisy Budgie. Its all floppy hats and flowers with Ingrid. But wind her up phewww - Mushroom cloud!! She is however the most sensible and sensitive out of the five. 


Stuart is obviously a Scottish Noisy Budgie, he is mainly green, wears a kilt, he is LOUD, and ususally a little bit pissed! Skiing and snowboarding type. He is into anything that is remotely dangerous. 


Yuri, is a nutter, but very nice at the same time. Always in there first at anything. Caution is not a word he knows or understands. Mad in a young and senseless sort of manner. A little bit cracked! Yuri was mostly black when he was younger, but might be going a little grey now? But we think that hey may be dyeing his feathers?






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