Noisy Budgie Brewery was a thought in 2015. Brian, a Scot living on the Costa de Sol, routinely rotated in and out of Africa for his job working a four weeks on four weeks off rotation. Most people would think that’s a dream job, which indeed it is, but after a week or so at home, one gets board and the urge to focus on something, do something or build something returns time and time again. 


So he thought about starting a small business, just something to focus on when on time off, and who knows, might even be a change of career.


What am I good at, what do I enjoy, thought Brian? "Well I’m never going to become a scratch golfer, my surfing career never started but I do love beer!" 


“Thats it, I will start a brewery.” 


Erm, how do you start a brewery? How do you make beer? How do you make good beer? Do I need a big building? Where will I build it? Do I need a license? What equipment is needed? What do you call the person who makes beer? 


It can’t be that hard right …...........…


With that simple idea in mind and a willingness to produce exciting, full-flavoured and forward-thinking beers as well as the staple Spanish beers, but with a crafty twist, he was off on a mission and Noisy Budgie was born. 

First things first, find some people who know what they are doing! 

 Meet the Chaps who are responsible for what happened next; 

 Brian Damage  

So this is Brian, our founder and Instigator. He has been affectionately known as Damage from and early age, mainly due to his ability to fall out of trees, taking that dodgy ski line and his talent at crashing mountain bikes at high speed. Brian spent many years wandering about in the Sahara Desert, mainly with bizarre and sometimes creepy geologists, nomads and other vagabonds.  

Dream a lot, believe and they will come true. 



 Napalm Naz  

This is Naz, Noisy Budgie's very special Master Brewer, Distiller and fellow "FUTURE" believer. Naz's previous career and work experience is shrouded in mystery. We are extremely confident, about 23.4%, that he is from North Korea. He claims that his parents were physicists from Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, West Scotland, but we dont buy that one! However, no matter where he is from, Naz knows a thing or two about breweries. He is producing the most marvelously crafted beers imaginable.


 Jim Peach 

This is Jim and he is also fairly uneven.  Until recently, Jim was working for a Major U. S. broadcaster specializing in bogus propaganda and was instrumental in the birth and the spreading of Fake News. However, after he was exposed in a Zimbabwean Government sting operation, a career change was essential. Following a short period in hiding, he re-emerged with an unstable weakness for craft beer and cocktails. Luckily for Noisy Budgie, we found him first!     

 Speedy Jhone  

This is Jhone. Jhone looks about 15 years old and is always asked for proof of age, which he loves! He likes aeroplanes and likes tidying up. Apart from all of that stuff, Jhone loves beer! He keeps seeking out weird and wonderful beers from all over Spain, Europe and from the USA! We don't complain though, as drinking (sorry tasting) beer is our job! How cool is that! Jhone knows all the Spanish legal things and the administration stuff. 



 Connar Crafty 

This is Connar the Crafty! He is our unofficial guinepig, erm sorry taster. Don't worry though, Connar is never harmed in any way during the tasting of our beers. He continues to work with us on a consulting basis, where his expertise, and more importantly, capacity are very much desirable and to a certiain degree, merchandisable! Connar also operates a consultancy firm specialising in drinking games and volumetric consumption.

Pedro Photo.jpg

 Pedro the Control 

This is Pedro. He is very un-uneven! Rational and impartial. Objective and Reasonable. Pedro is the real organiser, controller, arranger and planner. With military style precision, things that only he knows about that needs sorted out are organised and completed. Even the things that don’t need sorted out are sorted out. A man of a few thousand words (in every message), he will sort stuff out quickly professionally. Pedro is in control of everyone and everything.