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our BREWERY & our service 


The initial mandate was that the brewery must utilise green technologies as far as practically possible. In the South of Spain we are lucky enough to have 300 days of sunlight each year and therefore it is our goal to use this free, green energy to power the brewery as much as we can.   

We brew our own great beers! AND, we can brew YOUR great beers too!

Thinking about serving your own beers at your own bar or restaurant, but you dont have the equipment or the licenses, no panic. By using our facilities and our licenses, we can get you producing the finest quality beverages muy rápidamente.


With “contract distilling or brewing” you can have a “hands-on” or a "hands-off" partnership, i.e. you get involved as much or as little as you like. Tell us what you want and we can provide everything from the recipe to the packaged product.


We can also support customers who want to bring in their own ingredients, yeast strains, supply the recipe, and specify every small detail of production down to packaging. We produce your beverage, you sell it in your bar!

We have a small "Pilot Brewery" where you can come and experiment with your recipes to get the beer exactly how you want it before it goes into the large brewhouse.  

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